Friday, October 21, 2016

Executioners Scout Squad Tenaka

Here's another Scout squad to pair with Sergeant El'Borak's squad from last week and allow me to deploy a 10th Company Task Force. This is Squad Tenaka, and they also make use of the Judge helmets from Puppetswar.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Angel's Blade: Detachment and Core Formations

The Angel's Blade Strike Force is a relatively flexible Detachment, requiring only 1 Core Formation and 1 Auxiliary Formation, with no limits on how many of either you can take, and allowing up to 5 Command Formations. It's Command Benefits include:

The Angel's Virtue: This is the almost obligatory re-roll for Warlord Trait when rolling on the tables in Codex: Blood Angels or in Angel's Blade. Strangely, the only Warlord table in Angel's Blade can't be taken within the Angel's Blade Strike Force, so you're really limited to the the Blood Angels' traits.

The Red Thirst is the rule we all know and love from the Baal Strike Force, giving our squads +1 Initiative on the charge. I'm just happy that it can apply to Formations now.

The Sons of Sanguinius is the only truly new Command Benefit, and it grants Zealot to any unit reduced to half its starting models. I've heard a lot of people saying that this isn't a great rule, but I think it could be quite useful. Often, objectives are held at the end of the game by the last couple models from otherwise destroyed squads. Now, these models will be Fearless, making them even better objective holders. In addition, our durable assault units such as Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, and Assault Terminators are rarely wiped out all at once. I almost always have the remnants of these squads running around in the last turns of game, assaulting small objective holding units. Being able to re-roll their attacks on the charge is an excellent bonus given how many high-quality attacks these models have.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Angels Blade: Overall

Angel's Blade has been out for a few weeks, and it's given Blood Angels some options that they were sorely lacking. It remains to be seen if Angel's Blade will raise the Blood Angels out of the lower tier of 40K armies.

First off, it has some fun fluff. The Blood Angels take on the Crimson Slaughter, Black Legion, and a horde of Khorne Berzerkers led by Kharn the Betrayer. There are some cliched moments (for 40K fluff at least), including far too much of the Blood Angels force falling to the Black Rage and the Sanguinor destroying way more than he possibly could on the table (I wish his rules matched his fluff). At least the Black Rage epidemic has a reason beyond "they just got really angry" and the Death Company slap the Crimson Slaughter around like grots. Blood Angels are like Bruce Banner; making them angry is never a good idea, but villains can't seem to resist making it part of their plan.

Rules wise, all of the tanks as well as Land Speeders gained the ability to be taken in squadrons as well as bonuses for having three in a squad. These are all the same as those for Space Marines, but Baal Predators gained Wall of Firepower, which allows them to re-roll to wound rolls of 1 with all of their weapons. This is solid but not super interesting; I suspect it was the only rule they could come up with that worked equally well for all of the weapons the Baals can be armed with.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Executioners Scout Squad El'Borak

As I hinted last week, I've added a Scout squad to my Executioners. I've been meaning to do this for a while, as Scouts provide some excellent bolter fire and board presence, and I'm excited to field a 10th Company Task Force within my Sternhammer Strike Force.

The Scouts, as well as the Executioner Heads, were my first Father's Day present, so I wanted them to look really good.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Product Review: Puppetswar Executioner Heads

A while back, Puppetswar released a set of Executioner Heads. They really called to me. For one, they're called Executioner heads. I had to look into them just because of that. Even better, they're clearly supposed to be Judge heads from the Judge Dredd comics. The helmets, the jawlines, the sneers; they're all spot on. I already have specific helmets I use for my full Marines, but I needed helmeted heads for Scouts.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Grey Knight Interceptors

I inherited a couple squads of Grey Knights from a player who had planned to start an army but then decided against it, so I thought it would be a good ally for my Blood Angels and Executioners.I built the first squad as an Interceptor squad, since the idea of a jump pack unit with power weapons and a heavy flamer seemed really impressive to the Blood Angel player in me.

I chose a light grey color scheme for a few reasons. First, I'd never done one before. Second, I wanted to stand out from the mass of drybrushed silver Grey Knights. Plus, it's a throwback to the scheme I remember from 2nd Edition. Finally, it gave me a chance to base the army on one of my favorite superheroes, Moon Knight. In homage to him, I wanted the shades to be very dark grey but the highlights to be almost white.

Moon Knight also provided much of their background, from their name and basing on the moon to their penchant for flaying victims to their crescent moon iconography.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Brotherhood of Luna

The Brotherhood of Luna is a small sub-order of Grey Knight stationed on Luna. They guard a shrine on its surface, where it is said that an ancient daemonic presence was banished during the opening battles of the Horus Heresy. The specifics of this have been lost save perhaps to the most secure archives on Titan, but the Brotherhood of Luna take their duty seriously, viewing any daemonic presence so close to Terra as an incalculable risk. As such, they specialize in preventing daemonic incursions, rather than countering them once they have occurred.

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